Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sarasota Show

I have had one magpie sitting on all my properties now for three years and it occurred to me I needed two - one for sorrow, two for joy!   Joy was unbounded when I 'found' my magpie lady at the Sarasota show.  Rule number one in mini shopping always, always note where you got something!

So here's Barbara Meyer of Mini-Gems lovely creation:

Click on her site she will have something you want even if you don''t know what it is right now.


  1. Lovely and I enjoyed your article in the DH magazine too. Am glad I only had to change the name on my O'Rourkes now though, lol.

  2. Thanks Diane,
    Strange talking to people who have seen it - I haven't and won't until I get back home end of March, hope it looked good. I am fine writing about all and sundry but am twitchy about writing about my own 'babies' as I get the feeling that only their mother could love them! Nine months gestation, all that trouble and you can still see the shortcomings.