This time, on this project, the narrative is not my own.  I wanted to capture the idea of Chocolat - using the book for the story and the movie for the visual elements.  My building simply refuses to be French, so Vianne and Anouk have 'blown in' to a small touristy village in the Cotswolds in 1959.

Vianne has rented a long vacated bakers in which to create her magic.  The villagers are happy to think they will have a bakers again and hope that 'some fancy cakes' will do well with the tourists.  When Vianne opens her chocolaterie on the first day of Lent many in the village are shocked and unhappy.  It is a far too 'foreign' cuckoo to sit comfortably in their English nest.

The shop is called Maya and has drawings and decorations belonging to that 'heathen' time and place.  When they discover that Vianne doesn't go to church it only confirms what they suspect that she and her chocolates are the devils work and are leading members of their community down the primrose path.  

Their great fear is that this French mole of a shop, blighting the face of a perfect English village, may become a beauty spot and seduce all and sundry.

The village is called Honeychurch
The date is Ash Wednesday, 11th February 1959.

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