Monday, 4 February 2013

More little treasures

 I am so thrilled with these.  Seven little boxes of cookies.  They are so brilliantly in scale.

 They didn't seem particularly cheap at $15 (for the seven), but when you consider the work involved they really are. 

My original theory was that I would buy them and undo one of them and photocopy it several times or make a template from it to cut out loads from other papers.  I could then fill them with Easter eggs.  They look like the standard Easter egg box with a cellophane 'window' and an added flourish on top.  

Heavens to Betsy - not a chance.  They are constructed exactly like proper boxes that work this way.  They have folded over and glued bases and the tops have slits and interlock but they are sooooooo tiny I haven't a hope of constructing them.  They are also filled with beautiful and realistic iced cookies.  I just love them.  I found them on an EBay shop (Thailand?).  I have since ordered the unassembled set (half the price) so I can have them in the shop waiting to be made up......  by Vianne,  not me!

These next two photos show $20 worth of bits and bats from Nancy's - my local doll's house shop.  I had a credit note for something I bought and took back, so I thought I would pop in and spend it on quarter scale - another story!

Unfortunately she doesn't have quarter scale (she does have half scale) so I just meandered around picking up a miscellany of (reduced) things I fancied. They all turned out to be things for Chocolat

The jars will be on a sweetie shelf somewhere.  The rabbit with sweets is great for the Easter sales setting and the lovely little copper pan is the one on a ring (in the movie) ready for making hot chocolate.  I may have to fill it with hot chocolate (Fimo?) before it goes in place.

The cups and plates are for stacking on a shelf ready to go.  I am not keen on plastic but hope they will look OK when painted.  One issue I have with plastic things is they don't look as though they have any weight in them and don't therefore seem to 'sit' realistically in a project - maybe these will change my mind.

These photos will be added to Chocolat - Purchases web album