Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day thought

(7 March 2014:  Did a bit of an edit on this as things changed)

Just in case you find yourself here for the first time I thought I'd let you know how my blogs work.  I have one for each project.  Some are sold (!), some are finished and some are just ideas with maybe some bits of collecting being done for them;  but there will always be one blog with a project in process. 

I do one 'build' in the summer when I am in the UK and plan and buy stuff for it in the winter when I am in the USA.  

At the time of writing my 2013 summer project was Chocolat.  That project is finished and will appear in a series of articles in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine next year.  It will be probably be sold in the summer of 2014 to make room for the new 1/12th.  It might get an extra year with me as my 2014 project is only quarter scale so it has room.   My house won't take more than two 1/12ths - one finished and one on the go.

I am now in Naples in Florida for the winter and other than the Dolls House Shows  blog there really isn't a current one running until I get back to the UK, though I do dip in and out of blogs now and then if something appropriate turns up.

Look out for the hive of activity starting at the end of March in my  Gate House  blog.