Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just a little something

I visited the Orlando show for a three day weekend; took a class and did some shopping and worked a little.  If you want to know about it you need to go to the Dolls House Show blog.

I wrote a profile on Clara's Cuties a while ago and have since been an utter fan of her work but (other than a pair of shoes) I've not owned a floral piece.  It was time to change this so I bought some lovely daffodils for Chocolat.


  1. Hi Em! The daffodils are so pretty and are announcing that Spring is just around the corner! I will be over to see the Dolls House Show posting momentarily. Meanwhile I think that you made a great purchase for Chocolat! :D


  2. Thanks as always Elizabeth for not only touring my stuff but talking to me about it. Nearly home and I will have a couple of tweaks for Chocolat before its final photograph session and writing the last article.

  3. On photos I said I would email article but I can't find an email address for you! If you email me (mormson@gmail.com) I'll send it on.